image Coach of Chelsea Guus Hiddink says midfielder John Obi Mikel is his ideal player after the Nigerian fine performances in his team last three games.


“He played very well today but also in previous games. He is my ideal player and option to bring balance in my team” He said after Chelsea’s 3-0 win over Crystal Palace.

“I thought John (Obi) was one of the key figures in getting back the balance. He can recover easily and he has got the eyes like a radar.

He went a step further in praising the ability of the 28 year old when it comes to reading the strength of opponents and his recovery plus his passing abilities.

“He knows where the strength of the opponent is. He has very good eyes,very good nose and a very good sense to recover and he does not do it in a very brutal way.

Hiddink however lamented the Nigerian inability to play the final decisive pass while praising his defending abilities.

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“He is one player who can defend smoothly and it is beautiful to see. He does not lose many balls and does short passing. Don’t expect him to get the final decisive pass”