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SC Vila Real of Portugal are counting their luck for snatching Nigeria forward Rabiu Ali after he scored the winner in their 1-0 win over UD Sousense in Portugal.

18 year old Rabiu has been a revelation for the low division Portuguese side and the forward nicknamed “Nigeria Suarez” is currently being touted to be a part of the next Nigeria U-20 team.

He scored his side lone goal his third of the season with a belter to further underline his reputation as a forward pack full with shooting abilities.

The forward who played for Clique FC in Kaduna before leaving for Portugal is known around his area as “Ali Ganga” for his shooting abilities “Ganga” means drum in Hausa as he is good at hitting balls like a drummer to a drum.

Already proving himself as a hit in Portugal, SC Vila Real are currently pensive over his future with reports about top team monitoring his progress.

Managed by Faisal Abdullahi a fast rising football scout based in the Northern area of Nigeria he was scouted during a scout tournament organised by football stakeholders in Kaduna.