Atlanta Airport Remind Nigerians: 20 Years Ago, Nigeria Arrived Atlanta Late But Still Won Gold


Atlanta Airport has reminded Nigerians about what happened 20 years ago, when the Nigerian male football team arrived Atlanta late but yet won the gold medal at the 1996 Olympics.


This time around, the Nigeria male football team are scheduled to arrive Brazil, host of the 2016 Olympics few hours to their opening game against Japan after a row over flight from their base in the USA to Manaus.

Posting on their official Twitter handle @ATLairport, the Atlanta Airport posted about what lead to the Nigeria team late departure before reminding Nigerians about same situation that happened 20 year ago when Nigeria won gold.

The late departure could be a good omen according to the airport authority but it could also mean they are simply mocking Nigeria, for allowing same thing to happen after 20 years.

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