NFF Alleges CAF Conspiracy Against Nigeria Due To Dominance In Youth Football


The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) have alleged that Africa football governing body CAF, are working against Nigeria’s progress at youth level due to their dominace the last few years.


Nigeria have won the last two editions of the U-17 World Youth Championship, but won’t be defending her trophy in India after they were knocked out by Niger Republic on a 2-3 aggregate score.

The manner of the loss suffered by the U17s in Niamey have made the football body in Nigeria to allege a grand conspiracy against them, because a similar incident stopped the U20s from next year Africa Youth Championship.

” We are convinced there’s a deliberate attempt to stop our dominance in youth football in Africa and the world at large. You need to see at the type of treatment and officiating we were subjected to in Niamey to agree with me”, a bigwig of the NFF told

” Right here in Lagos, the Flying Eagles were robbed against Sudan, ironically same referee was put in charge of the U17s first game against Niger in Abuja, again the world saw what happened.


” We have forwarded a protest to CAF to let them know we are aware of all their planned attempt to stifle us. We smelt a rat right from the MRI scan of the U17s, our fears were confirmed in Niger Republic.