NFF TO SIASIA: You’re An Ingrate, Shut Up, Else We’ll Expose You


A top official of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has asked coach of the Nigeria U23s Samson Siasia, who recently resigned from his role as coach of the team to keep shut, else the football body will expose his shady dealings as coach of the national team.


” We have endured Siasia’s excesses, he knows we have our own side of the story he is telling to the press. He shouldn’t forget that our recent spate of failure to qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations was started by him” He said to

” He is an ingrate, we gave him the chance to relaunch himself with the U-23s but he showed us he is still the same person, we know how some players were selected both for the Super Eagles in the two games he handled and also for the U23s, he should just keep shut.

” We have facts to show he was involved in some dealings that lead to our failures at tournaments, as a matter of fact, go and ask any board member, we received more petitions about Siasia than any other coach, he knows it.

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” If he doesn’t keep shut, we will shame him and end his coaching career, a team that should have won gold, he selected players based on favoritism and he wants us to celebrate bronze with him? , we are wiser than that”.