NFF Media Chief Explains Why Official Car Was Collected From Samson Siasia


The head of communications at the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) Ademola Olajire has opened up on the reason, why the football body collected the official car given to former Nigeria U23 coach Samson Siasia.


Olajire in a group chat, that has one of owngoalnigeria correspondent, said Siasia’s contract as coach of the Nigeria Men’s Olympic Football team has no provisions for official car.

He further said the car was retrieved from the wife of the coach while the team was in Atlanta prior to the Olympics, and not during the games as suggested by the coach.

The first question we must ask Siasia is, does his contract as Nigeria U23 Head Coach provide for official car? I apologize, but many of us appear ready to just jump on the bandwagon of ‘NFF flogging’ once something appears anywhere, no matter how ridiculous.

” Even the NFF President does not have an official car. The car in question is meant for Super Eagles Head Coach. It was bought brand new for Sunday Oliseh. When he left, it was handed over to Siasia when he served as interim Head Coach in March 2016. It was to have been withdrawn immediately after that assignment, but there was no immediate Eagles assignment so it was left for him to use while he prepared the team for the Olympics.

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“Now, NFF appears to have erred in that now. The car was withdrawn when NFF auditors sighted Mrs Siasia driving it and pointed out the anomaly. There are regulations that go with government vehicles. Even Siasia can no drive it. It has to be driven by a driver in employ of government.

“The withdrawal happened while the team was in Atlanta. Well before the Olympics. But he’s trying to make it look like it was during the Olympics to whip up whatever sentiments. Unfortunately, it is not every little issue that the NFF will publicly react to. Siasia’s contract never entitled him to official car”