REVEALED: Untold Story Of Mikel’s Strong Family Bond With Chelsea Owner Abramovich


Chelsea current second longest serving player Mikel John Obi has a relationship with the owner of the club that goes beyond being a player at the club.


Mikel who is into his 11th season with Chelsea is one among the few players Roman Abramovich, the billionaire owner of Chelsea visit at his personal house.

His relationship with the Russian business tycoon was solidified thanks to the mother of his twin Olga Diyachenko, whose father is a childhood friend of the Chelsea owner.

Olga is the daughter of Russian billionaire Diyachenko, who Abramovich views as a brother as their relationship dates way back to when they were kids growing up in Russia.

“Mikel’s relationship with Abramovich is way deeper than most people know. His father inlaw is a childhood friend of Abramovich and whenever he is in London to see Mikel and his daughter, Abramovich usually visit him at Mikel’s house” a close source told

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