Wenger Reveals What He First Noticed That Isn’t Quick To See In Iwobi


Manager of Arsenal Arsene Wenger says Alex Iwobi has qualities which requires proper knowledge of football before someone can appreciate his talents.


Wenger said the 20 year old Nigerian is not the type of player to impress a manager from the get go, but he something in him, which struck him when he first saw him.

“[I knew] when I took him in training a few times,” said Wenger.
“He is not the kind of player who impresses you at first. But when you look a bit deeper he is quick at connecting with other players. Quick analysis.
“Football is perception, decision-making and acting. The perception especially struck me. The perception he has of the game and the speed of his decision-making struck me.
“When you look at him at first there is nothing special there. But after when you look he is always connecting with others at a very high level and a very high pace. That’s why I think he is improving.
“He has still a lot of work to do but he has something that is very important at the top level. Speed and an understanding of the game.”