REVEALED: How Nigeria Legend Jay Jay Okocha Is Helping Nephew Iwobi Stay Focus


Alex Iwobi sudden rise to global fame has been so rapid that his uncle Austin Jay Jay Okocha, has to intervene to help the 20 year old stay maintain his rise in the midst of all the hype he is earning.


Iwobi revealed in an interview, that the former captain of the Nigeria senior national team keeps in touch with him, but mostly to remind him on the need to stay grounded.

Okocha, who also earned global recognition during his days as a player is drawing from his reservoir of experience to help the son of his sister to be more professional off the pitch.

“When I was growing up, he helped me a lot on the pitch,” Iwobi said. “He gave me game advice a lot but the older I am getting, he is helping me off the pitch more so I can be professional and focus on the football.

“He’s always telling me what could happen, what you are about to face. He always says ‘concentrate on the football first — the rest is just luxury stuff that comes with it.”