EXPOSED! Ex Marketing Chief Reveals Huge Amount Of Money In NFF Account, Calls Pinnick Liar Over Broke Claims


Former marketing director of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) Idris Adama says, the apex football house in Nigeria has enough funds to prosecute the 2018 World Cup qualifiers in Zambia despite claims to the contrary by the football house.


President of the Nigeria Football Federation made a plea to the government to intervene and save the broke football house, but Adama insist the football house has enough funds to prosecute the qualifiers.

“I decided not to talk since I was asked to leave the NFF early 2015 for no reason,” Adama wrote on this Facebook page.

“Up till this moment I was not given my letter of disengagement nor have I been paid my severance allowance, an organisation that I have worked for a decade.

“Despite consistent political and leadership crisis of the NFF coupled with lack of confidence on the leadership by the organised private sector, I generated for them N1.4billion, in addition to Euros 780,000.00 and $1million annually.


“My reward was to be sent out unceremoniously. It’s all well and good. I have moved on long time. But ask them, Emzor Pharmaceutical has paid N35million, Supersport has paid $1million and Globacom is owing which was due on the 7th July 2016 N382,500,000.00. Where are these monies?

“They are just being wicked to the society that engaged them to deliver positive results to the growth of our football. They will never like me because I am blunt. Good day Adama Idris. Former Director (Marketing) Nigeria Football Federation,” he signed off the statement.

“There are still lots more secret I will tell the public soon about the rot in the NFF.”