Spurs Dele Alli Is From A Royal Yoruba Family In Nigeria – Dad Reveals


The Proud father of England international Dele Alli has revealed that the rising star would receive a ‘presidential welcome’ should he return to Nigeria — and how the youngster is a prince through birth.


Houston-based Alli is part of the Yoruba tribe who make up just over 20 percent of Nigeria’s total population.

In an interview with the Daily Star, Kenny said: “If Dele went back to Nigeria now it would be crazy,”

“He would have a presidential welcome wherever he goes.

“Everybody watches him play and is proud of him. It opens every door for him being a prince. He can talk to our prime minister and the president if he wants to.”

Dele moved to Nigeria to live with his father after his parents split-up, before moving back to England as it became clear the youngster had considerable talent.

Kenny continued: “The only way he went to school was if he could play football afterwards.

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“When we left I took him to America – but I saw that he could not live there because football is not a big sport.. I knew the best place for him was here in the UK.

“I have always been in his life. There has never been a time when I have not
been in his life.

“He calls me all the time. Sometimes he will call and say ‘did you watch that
match?’. He is a family man.”

*Courtesy The Sun