Nigerian Academies Have Quality Players Than League Teams – Agent


The constant influx of talented Nigerian teen players to Europe from grassroot teams and academies as against players in the various level of Nigerian Leagues have always been a hot topic.


While stars from the Nigerian League notably the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) head to second tier European football league or North Africa, players from local academies have moved to top leagues within same period.

An agent who has been involved in the transfer of several Nigerian players to Europe reckons, players from academies in Nigeria are mostly far talented, level headed and committed than players from the league.

” I will give you a straight forward answer, Nigeria League players are above all scared of going on trials to top clubs in Europe. They prefer a deal with any team abroad as long as the pay is higher than what they are earning in Nigeria”, Mark Williams told

” Players from Academies in Nigeria are quick to jump at trial opportunities. It has helped them make their mark in top European teams and league, beside due to their age teams believe they can still improve.

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” Aside that they have more quality than players in the league. It hurts to say so but the facts don’t lie. They are more enterprising, not scared of taking risks and above all very dedicated”.