Free Again Leicester City Star Ahmed Musa Denies Beating His Wife, All Charges Dropped Against Him


Ahmed Musa has been cleared off all allegations of domestic violence lodged against him by the Police following a complaint of domestic abuse against the 24 year old.


Musa was questioned by the police over allegations of beating up his wife and mother of his two kids Jamila, but was subsequently released after questioning with no further charge launched against him.

” The whole arrest thing came like a shock to Musa, very funny because he went out with his wife, only for him to be arrested upon arrival. They went to celebrate her birthday. This is weird”, a close associate of the player told

” I don’t get where the whole issue started from but there is no truth in it. Even the police had to release him without pressing charges. Musa has never hit anyone in his life talk more of his wife.

” A perfect gentleman like Musa will never ever hit anyone. He is not that type, please this bad press has to stop, It’s not fair on him and his family”.

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