Host Of World Cup 2018 Draw Lineker Pits Nigeria, France & Argentina In Same Group


The host for the World Cup 2018 draw Gary Lineker has revealed the outcome of a production and logistic meeting ahead of the draw which will take place next week in Russia.


Lineker posted on his Twitter handle the results of the mock draw he conducted during the practice and he revealed Nigeria was pitted alongside France and Argentina in the group he termed group of death.

He didn’t mention the fourth team in the group, but the presence of the three teams he mentioned made him tag the group as the group of death during the practice for the draws.

As expected Nigerians reacted by telling the former World Cup goal king that the Super Eagles will no doubt scale out of the group even if they happen to find themselves in it next week.

Still on the groupings during the mock draws, Lineker also revealed that England were paired in the same group as Belgium, Senegal and Japan.

Michael James