How to Find Affordable Insurance after A DUI in Canada?


    One poor decision can make you regret your whole life. When It comes to DUI charges, you regret your actions for a long time as you are forced to pay higher premiums for auto insurance. But don’t worry, you don’t have to go through this ordeal.


    Following, we will help you find an affordable insurance plan after getting charged or arrested for DUI.

    What to Do After a DUI?

    Tens of Thousands Canadian Drivers find themselves at the wrong end of law due to Impaired Driving. If you find yourself under these circumstances, you need to pay a fine and attend the remedial course to get back your driving license.

    A DUI in Canada can have adverse effects on your auto insurance. After the DUI incident, you will be forced to pay higher monthly premiums. The lapse in judgment makes insurance companies uncertain about you, and they consider whether to go forward with you or not.

    What Does a DUI Incident Mean?

    A Driving under Influence Charge occurs when a driver is stopped on the road and found driving impaired with blood alcohol levels exceeding the legal limit. The Canadian Law has different ways to deal with these drivers:
    • Drivers under the age of 19 (legal age) face strict requirements as the acceptable BAC is 0.0
    • Adult Driver don’t deal with such severe standards as the acceptable BAC is 0.8
    The law can be different depending on which part of Canada you belong to as the legal limit of Blood Alcohol Concentration can be anywhere between 0.5-0.8. At first, the driver gets a warning citation, but they risk losing their driving license if they don’t change their drinking habits.
    Driving Under Influence charges (or Arrests) aren’t only limited to Alcohol Consumption. Instead, it covers other impairing substances as well.

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    What to Expect After the DUI?

    The consequences depend on the severity of charges, what you were using and how many times you are already pulled over. If this is your first time, you can expect the following consequences:
    • Getting Your Driver License Suspended
    • Enrolment in an Alcohol Education Program
    • Up to $1000 Fine
    • Land Yourself in Jail
    • Ignition Interlock Device
    • Left off with a Warning
    Interlock Ignition device measures your BAC to assure any substance doesn’t impair you. If you are under the influence of something, then your car won’t start. These consequences are only for the first time, and the punishment gets severe in every instance.
    You may get additional penalties like having your insurance canceled. DUI Charges forces you to pay higher premiums for years as you get blacklisted as a “High Risk” Driver.

    How to Get an Insurance After DUI?

    You are a High-Risk driver and insurers expect you to run in such troubles again. They jump your premiums from 50%-80% as you are a liability for them. The rise is sometimes more than you can afford but you can’t run without new insurance. So, what do you do?
    Find companies that specialize in High-Risk DUI insurance. They will shop around and find the best deal for you.

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