In Focus – “U20 Women’s World Cup: Germany Dominant Over Nigeria.”


The FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup fever is at the highest level of excitement. After the FIFA Men’s World Cup, the U20 Women’s World Cup has been in the highlights.


Everybody has their eye on the teams and the game. Soccer freaks surely are stuck to their television, digital media and also in the stadium if lucky.

The Group D opening game between Germany and Nigeria gave nerves to everyone. Germany yet again managed to dominate Nigeria and steal a clear winning game for themselves. It’s what surprised many sports bettors, who had tried their hands on Betway Naija football betting for one.

What Didn’t Work for Nigeria?

Germany had a clear win by 1-0, again proving to be a really edgy team. However, Nigeria managed to make only 9 shots against Germany; the latter made 19 magnificent shots. Germans dominated the Nigerians for the entire game. With almost six marvellous corner shots from Germany, it was already a nail-biting match.

The ball possession was 54% for the Germans, obviously being a plus point. The Germans proved all over again that their superiority in the game prevails. As they say, history repeats itself, and it happened all over again. Germany had previously defeated Nigeria in the 2010 World Cup Finals with a score of 2-0.

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Then, they further defeated Nigeria in 2014 with 1-0 after extra time! That’s the record and reputation Germany has maintained in the glorious history of FIFA Women’s World Cup. Yet again in 2018, they overpowered Nigeria, reminding them that Germany chases success at every level. Germany was already confident and focused about their win for this match.

The team coach Maren Meinert said a day before the match that Germany would put up quality defending techniques. She believed they were well prepared to curb the Nigerian team and indeed, her confidence reflected in the team.
Their flawless skills and game planning got them this prestigious win and boosted their confidence.

Also, Germany would not be more focused on their game as to stay consistent in the World Cup. They have continued the legacy of winning games with perfection and strong teamwork.

Experience brings perfection and so has Germany being portraying. Focused, well prepared and dedicated, the team glorified their name once again. Both the teams had their first meet in the 2004 edition at Thailand.

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Since then, Nigeria is yet to make a winning record against Germany. The first half of the game went barren, but things changed in the second half. Stefanie Samders 69th minute effort led to this win for Germany.

The right sportsmanship and hard work always result positively. Soccer has always brought excitement and madness for fans. After such a wonderful match, there is a lot more in store this season.

FIFA as always will be much more enthusiastic with some more gripping matches round the corner. Germany fans will surely expect some more nail-biting wins. Nigerian fans, on the other hand, will surely hope for a win next match. The first part of this FIFA Women’s World Cup story had a dramatic yet exciting climax with Germany’s win.

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