FIFA To Fine Nigeria Over ” Thank You Jesus ” Written On Ighalo’s Shirt During Goal Celebration


World Football governing body FIFA will in the coming days decide on if additional sanctions should be placed on Nigeria after the yellow card shown to striker Odion Ighalo for his goal celebration.


Referee Ghead Grisha gave Ighalo a yellow card for after the Chanchung Yatai forward lifted his shirt to reveal a ” Thank You Jesus” inscription shortly after giving Nigeria the lead in their 4-0 win over Cameroon on Friday.

Ighalo confirmed the yellow card shown to him was for the inscription on his shirt, but there could be more punishment for the 28 year old when referee Grisha submits his match report.

FIFA has banned the display of political, unapproved commercials, religious or personal ‎message in undershirts and they mostly place fines on violators.

Cases of other countries who have copped bans for similar incidents abound but Qatar were the last nation to be fined by FIFA for a violation of the no message in undershirts law, when they warmed up for their World Cup Qualifiers clash against South Korea with T-Shirts with political undertone.

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Qatar showed their support for their leader Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani by having his picture on their warm up T-shirt after several nations in the Gulf region and Egypt cut ties with them due to allegations of supporting “extremism”.

‎Shedrack Obi