Too Much Muscles – Out Of Favour Super Eagles Midfielder Esiti Banned From Lifting Weights At Gent


Gent of Belgium have placed a gym ban on Nigerian midfielder Anderson Esiti ‎in order for him not to grow extra muscles which will further limit his movements on the pitch, understands.


Esiti is strongly built with his muscular frame earning him the nickname ‘Tank’ in Belgium and after a not too impressive campaign last season he is back in favour at Gent despite the fact that he was few details away from joining Spanish side Levante during the summer transfer window.

Speaking on his new training regime, Esiti confirmed he now has different physical conditioning instructions from the rest of his teammates to stop him from growing extra muscles as he is already muscular enough.

” Now we have a new coach ‎who said I can keep training without lifting heavy weights in order to keep my strength, something that I am finding hard to do”, Esiti said.

” Sometimes I want to brag a little, if I see someone lifting a hundred kilos, I just do it as well to prove I can do it. However when I do weight lifting these days, I feel some pain in my neck and back in the evening. I know I am not helping myself. Presently I do not want to carry any extra weight, I’m already heavy enough “, he joked.