Sports Scholarships For Students With Disabilities


Everyone in the world whether disabled or not is equal. No one is smarter or more capable than someone else. This is something that not only needs to be said, but also demonstrated practically.


Let’s face it. Disability is stigmatizing especially for students because they always feel they are incapable when they compare themselves to their peers.

Students are never aware of their behavior and how it impacts other people. Some of them may make fun of the disabled student or laugh at him or her when he or she makes a mistake.

It is important for disabled students to learn in an environment where they feel comfortable and equal to their peers. An environment that encourages them to do things they never thought possible.

One of the best things that has been done for students with disabilities is engaging them in sports. In this article, we will discuss the best sports scholarships available for disabled students.

The Best Sports Scholarships

The following are some of the best colleges that offer sports programs and scholarships for college students.

1. University of Alabama
Started back in 1831, the University of Alabama has always been committed to promote equality and fairness to everyone especially students with disabilities. The university provides a reasonable and accessible accommodation program for disabled students.

It not only accommodates students with disabilities but also employs persons with disabilities.It is easier for a person with disabilities to teach and mentor students with disabilities because they understand each other through life experience. It also helps in demonstrating that what the teacher can do, the student can also do.

Part of the accommodation includes engaging students with disabilities with sports. The university offers both men and women an opportunity to play wheelchair basketball, adapted golf, rowing and tennis.

For a student with disabilities to get a scholarship, one has to meet the requirements of the institution as well as provide proof of the disability.

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2. University of Arizona

The University of Arizona is among the best universities in the world that offer sports scholarships for disabled students. It has a Disability Resource Center whose main objective is to promote equality through making students, visitors and employees with disabilities feel and become identical to their colleagues.

A disabled student once said, “Through the facilities and technology available in my institution, it is easier to look for someone to write my essay for me.” With the institution’s program, the student not only gets a sports scholarship but also a tutoring scholarship which includes having access to education and all electronic and information technology available.

The university has also introduced the Disability Cultural Center which is a space for students, teachers and workers to celebrate their disability identity. The center has several events and programs whose goal is to promote an authentic perspective on disability. It is a space that allows people with disability to drop by anytime they want.
Some of the sports programs offered by the institution include wheelchair basketball for both men and women, track and road racing, tennis and quad rugby.

3. University of Illinois

The University of Illinois complied with the Americans with Disabilities Act which requires educational institutions to accommodate disabled students and promote equality through eliminating barriers that may prevent students with disabilities from enjoying the benefits of education.

Sports is a major part of education. As the popular saying goes, work without play makes Jack a dull boy. Students with disabilities need to play as much as their counterparts for them to perform better in class and ultimately achieve their career goals.

The university offers a wide variety of sports such as wheelchair basketball for both men and women, summer camps whose aim is to develop and improve wheelchair sports and wheelchair track.

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To get a sports scholarship, the requirements are easy to meet so long as there is proof of cognitive, emotional or behavioral disability.

4. University of Missouri

The University of Missouri is committed to empowering students with disabilities through the Disability Center. The goal of the Disability Center is to promote equality in both education and sports.

The center ensures that students with disabilities can access programs, facilities and courses that are well adjusted to fit a wide range of disabilities. The center maintains confidentiality of communication and records of students with disabilities unless the disclosure is authorized by the individual or the law.

The center engages disabled students in sporting activities such as wheelchair basketball for men and tennis. A fitness room is also available for players.


Students with disabilities should be treated like their counterparts for them to feel better about themselves and improve their performance.

Disabled students often feel left out when it comes to sporting activities since most sporting activities call to use the faculties which some of them may not have.

It is possible today for students with disabilities to engage in a wide variety of sports such as basketball, dancing, swimming and athletics to name a few.

Creating sports programs that enable disabled students to play and have fun will help them progress well in life. The universities discussed above offer the best sports scholarships for students with disabilities. Enroll today to start your success journey.


Sandra Larson is an experienced researcher and content writer. She loves engaging and inspiring persons with disabilities through her blog. During her free time, you’ll find her playing with her dog or hiking in the mountains.